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Alt.Binz setup
Start by downloading Alt.Binz

First step : Install

* Double clic on the exec. file you just downloaded in order to install Alt.Binz
* A window will open, clic on « Next »
* Select « Install »
* Once the install is over, clic on « finish »

Second step : Setup * On the main screen, on the upper bar, clic on << setup>> and then, at the left on << Servers >>


* On this screen, in username, enter your login in the first field and your password in the second field. Then clic on « next »
* In the sub-menu << Servers Properties >> complete the fild << Name >> with : << Illiminews >> and the address field with the address that you can find in the My Account page, do the same for the number of slots allowed.
* Clic the field << Server requires authentication >> and enter your username and password.


*** Attention ! Avant de quittez la fenêtre de configuration, cliquez sur << Add as primary >> ***
* Pour finir cliquez sur "OK" -> Alt.Binz est configuré :)
Grabit setup
Start by downloading GrabIt

First step : Install

* Double clic on the exec. file you just downloaded in order to install Grabit
* A window will open, clic on « Next »
* Select « I accept the agreements »
* Then clic on « Next»
* In the next window, again clic on « next » until you get this screen


* Here clic on « Install »
* Once the install is over, clic on « finish »

Second step : Setup

* The setup wizard will open, on the first screen, type the name of your server. ( if you don't know it, please consult our FAQ), then clic « next »


* On this new screen, in username, type your login in the first field, and your password ine the second, then clic on « next »


* Finally clic on « finish »
In order to define the utilized port and the number of connections, in Grabit main screen, right clic on "Default server" and clic on "server properties"


In the following screen, configure the port (check FAQ) in the appropriate field


In the same window, define the number of slots you paid for.


To finish the install, clic on "OK" -> GrabIt is installed :)
Download on newsgroups
To download on newsgroups you have to use a NZB search engine:
For example:

(a list is available on the newsgroups tools page )

In the research field , type the name of the wished file, and select in the drop-down menu the section where launch the search (TV shows, Movies), to launch the search, clic the " BinnewZ " button.


In the results, select and copy the name of the file to be downloaded.


Then on type the name of the file wished (or stick the name of the file found on binnews).


In the result page , tick the case in front of the file you want to download, then clic on "GET NZB".


Open the file, and your download will start automatically in your client (Grabit, alt.binz....).
How do i fix/repair my (.rar, r01, 001, 002,...) files?
After downloading a file, sometimes some are corrupted or some part(s) are missing.

In order to be able to use those files, you have to fix them with Quickpar.

Download it here Quickpar and install it

After the software is installed, double-clic on the “.par2” file


The software automaticaly fies the file(s) mean while clic on « monitor” and “auto repair”.


Once QUICKPAR is done, you will get a message like : « repair not needed » or « file fixed ».


Enjoy, your file is ready to go !! :D

In case Quickpar fails to fix your files, it might mean that it is too damaged or that is misses too many files to repair it.
Try to re-download the file or find another source.
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